PST Carrier Services offer a wide product portfolio to carrier and ISP operators.
We can offer a total package to IT solution providers, telephony providers and others looking to provide Voice/VoIP or revenue shared services to their customers.
PST Carrier wholesale services are:

Wholesale VoIP Interconnect

We can help to interconnect with many carriers around the globe. Our platform for interconnects can transit your voice from IP-to-IP in any point of the world.

Voice Termination
If you offer any destination code access with good termination rates, or look for access to any country and have monthly traffic volumes, you can cooperate with us. PST Carrier buy and sell terminations from A-Z.

Premium Rate Wholesale
PST Carrier terminate wholesale international premium rate voice to every destination with access.
If you are an operator who can offer number ranges for traffic or SMS numbers, we will be able to increase your revenue.
If you look for premium rate numbers to any destination do not hesitate to contact us. Also we can offer you international and domestic SMS numbers.